Matt + Sarah – Look What Love Can Do

When Matt and Sarah first approached us via email their request wasn’t quite the standard one. They didn’t just want us to capture a “perfect, rosy” wedding day, because for them their story was so much deeper than just one day. So we set up a Skype and they shared in depth with me their past and story until now.

Both Matt and Sarah have come from broken and abusive backgrounds. They have both experienced things that I quite literally struggle to write here in words. Their introduction to life on this earth was as dark and cruel as it gets.

The true definition of love was not something they’d seen or experienced while growing up. As a result, both Matt and Sarah had closed down that portion of their heart and had resigned to the fact that true love would never be for them. But thankfully their story didn’t end there and through their adult lives circumstance did change for the good.

Which brings me to this film. It’s not so much a “wedding film” per se. But rather a story of hope and restoration. That even through the most darkest of times there is a light and a reason to believe in love.

matt + sarah – look what love can do

Thanks so much for watching Matt and Sarah’s film, and I hope that for some it inspires you that there is a light and hope in this world, no matter how dark it may seem.

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Cheers, Jared, Pete (and Laura and Kenrick for coming in last minute to help out too!)

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