markovina wedding venue – martin and angela

markovina wedding venue – martin + angela – the last lego piece

Martin has a fascination with lego. His house is full of lego figures. Angela even commented during their first look that Martin’s hair looked like that of a lego man! Martin actually proposed with a ring inside a red lego box. So it was quite fitting that it make an appearance at the wedding too!

At the end of the night Martin’s speech ends with some quite meaningful words spoken to his new wife Angela. None more than the fact that Angela is the last lego piece he needs!! So no more trips to the toy store for you then huh Martin!!

martin + angela – the last lego piece

Vendor Shoutout:

Wedding Ceremony Venue – Markovina Wedding Venue
Wedding Reception Venue – Markovina Wedding Venue
Wedding Videographers – Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Wedding Celebrant – Valeria Antipenko

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