Kenny + Sephie

Te Arai Beach, Auckland

Trust me… you want to read this one all the way to the end. I’ll give you a clue. Light Sabers.

Kenny and Sephie ventured to the very edges of Auckland for their engagement shoot and explored one of my very favourite beaches – Te Arai.
We started by exploring the nearby forestry area. Because we were able to pick our time (one of the huge benefits of booking an engagement session!) – we made the most of the late afternoon sun and the forest looked even more golden.

After wandering the sand dunes – we were treated to an incredible candy floss sky, and the calm ocean meant that the pink tones were reflected everywhere!

But that wasn’t all. Once the sun had set – the light sabers and jedi cloaks came out! We love it when our couples share some their hobbies and really let their personalities shine through. Kenny and Sephie are the most fun-loving and joyful couple – so this was completely them!