Kenny + Sephie

The Surreptitious Ring Bearer
Cute Covid Wedding

Holy Cross Parish – Henderson | Intimate Wedding Video

Filmed by Jared and Paul

Sephie and Kenny were in a pickle. Due to the covid restrictions they couldn’t have any more humans at their wedding but were short of one crucial component… the ring bearer. But luckily for Sephie and Kenny they had made a friend from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

NZ border restrictions had said nothing about friends from other galaxies, so after some brief confusion from the officials at the border, R2D2 was let in and proudly managed to carry the rings so Sephie and Kenny could wed.

So here’s a little film of Sephie marrying Kenny and a long lost friend who still managed to dress up and be the crucial ring bearer to rescue the lovely couple from an awkward covid-pickle they had found themselves in.


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Jared and Paul

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