kauri bay boomrock wedding video – wallace + belle

Kauri Bay Boomrock Wedding Video – Wallace + Belle

It doesn’t take long to start liking Wallace and Belle. It was quite obvious during our pre-wedding meetings that they’re quite the fun couple. Belle has no filter, which is refreshing and it means you get to know them a little quicker than most! While Wallace is a little more easy going, but still has his moments of mischief and crack up bloopers!

The day was filled with so many real moments. Some according to plan, but many were discovered by just living in the moment and seeing where it takes you. And hence the inspiration for the edit came from this. A wedding film filled with love and thoughtfulness, unexpected reactions, a gauntlet of Chinese wedding traditions and Wallace and Belle just being themselves and loving every minute of it!

I hope you enjoy the edit and a little of who Wallace and Belle are and the wedding day they celebrated!

kauri bay boomrock – wallace + belle

If you loved their film, maybe check out their photos too! Link click here:

Kauri Bay Boomrock wedding

Vendor Shoutout

Venue : Kauri Bay Boomrock
Auckland Wedding Photographers : Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Auckland Wedding Videographers : Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Dress : Vinka Design
Hair & Makeup : Beauty on Demand
Flowers & Styling : Julia @ Twig & Twine

Thanks so much for checking out their film. You’re welcome to leave a comment below if you like!

Cheers, Jared and Priscilla.

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kauri bay boomrock wedding video