Isaac + Megan – Christ The King Church – Auckland

Isaac + Megan – Christ The King Church – Makovina Estate
Filmed by Jared and Jay

For Isaac and Megan, their Catholic Faith was always a central part of who they were. They worshipped at Christ The King Church and it plays a big part in their lives. So it made perfect sense that that’s where they wanted to be wed. Before God and their closest family and friends. But for Isaac and Megan, their faith really did spill over into the love they have with those around them and the priorities they put in their day. There was a strong atmosphere of connection and intimacy to the family they came from and reverence to the faith they follow.

So as for their film, this is the story that is told through their Highlights Edit. There were other ‘wedding’ things that happened throughout the day, but sometimes a story is most powerful and best told when it’s focused on what matters the most.

So here’s Isaac and Megan’s intimate and very beautiful wedding day. Get your tissues out, this one’s not for the dry-eyed.

Isaac + Megan – The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

We also photographed their wedding day too! To see it from the other side, check out the link here.

bride groom in forest


Vendor Shoutout

Catholic Wedding Ceremony – Christ The King Church
Wedding Venue – Markovina Estate
Wedding Celebrant – Fr Peter Tipene


Thanks so much for checking out Isaac and Megan’s wedding video!

Till next time, Jared and Jay

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PPS: Normally I’m fine when it comes to feeling the emotion from behind the camera but during Megan’s call to her nana, both Isaac (our photographer) and I were totally struggling to hold the tears back! 😭 There may or may not have been a couple of tears shed during the edit too!!

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