Same Day Edit Films

The Same Day Edit Experience is just that. It’s your wedding day filmed, edited and featured in front of all your guests at your wedding reception that very night! It’s a complete surprise for your wedding guests and adds a massive buzz to your reception as you and your guests get to absorb what has just happened and relive the best moments throughout your day!

same day edit wedding video

The Same Day Edit Experience is $3290 for a limited time.  To see the full range of packages and options, view our pricing page here.

Richard + Keryn – The Same Day Edit Experience


We also captured the atmosphere of what it’s like to watch a Same Day Edit film below.  I think Richards reaction as the film finished says it all!!


Rob + Cindy – The Same Day Edit Experience

You can have a Same Day Edit Wedding Video at your wedding for as little as $3290.  Check out our pricing page here, or get in touch and book in a Same Day Edit Experience for your wedding!


PS: If you’re planning your wedding and you stumbled upon this page… don’t wait till a week out from your wedding day before you think of this.  Click this link, and have a read now!!  What Your Photographer Can’t Capture… And Brides Almost Always Regret.  It’s food for thought anyway. 🙂


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