Ash & Johneen

Kumeu Valley Estate

HU’s venue & accomodation | Kumeu Valley Estate Wedding

Johneen and Ash share a love. A love of cheese and donuts. 

And while their mutual donut appreciation was clear from the start , getting Ash on the same page about what made a good cheese took a bit more work on Johneen’s part. After he showed up to their second date with a block of Edam and some Snax crackers – it was clear that some cheese training was in order. Luckily Johneen decided to take him on anyway. 

Their perfect weekend at home is catching up with friends and family, sharing cheese and cocktails and of course – donuts – the perfect wedding theme. When they were choosing dates for their wedding – they couldn’t help but notice that the date aligned with none other than – international donut day! And as if that wasn’t enough it was also… International cheese day! It was a sign from above that it was meant to be.

I like to think of myself as a cheese fanatic – but I can tell you now, I have nothing on Johneen. As we were getting ready in the morning I commented on what an epic selection she had out on their grazing platter. “Oh you should see the rest!” She told me! Their everyday selection of about 15 different cheeses was just what she had grabbed from their fridge on the way out the door and Johneen assured me thing was nothing special.
They had not one but two wedding cakes. One made entirely of stacked cheese wheels, and another… disguised as stacked cheese wheels (but was in fact cake underneath!)
They even rounded off the theme by toasting with a signature donut flavoured cocktail!

Moving along from the cheese stories – there was plenty more to love about Ash and Johneen’s wedding day. 

They had decided from the start that they would host their wedding around the fireplace at Kumeu Valley – a wise decision for a June wedding!

Johneen got ready at the awesome Hu’s Farm, which meant we were able to head back their after their ceremony for some photos around the lake. 

In typical Perspectives style – my favourite spot of the day was off the beaten track and was a little grove tucked away in the corner or the property. 

We were so stoked to be a part of your wedding day Ash and Johneen! Cheese, I mean cheers to you guys!

Vendor Shoutout:
Ceremony and Reception venue: Kumeu Valley Estate
Celebrant: Cushla Whelan
Auckland Wedding Videographer: Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Accomodation and photo location: Hu’s Boutique Venue and Accomodation