Priya & Mahesh

Hare Krishna Temple

Hare Krishna Temple (ISKCON) Wedding | Indian wedding photography

Upon first meeting Priya and Mahesh – I instantly realised that these guys are keepers. Within just a few minutes of meeting them, Priya had already embraced me into her group and we had a shopping trip organised to help me find something to wear for their Indian wedding ceremony. Their mutual generosity and kindness makes Priya and Mahesh a prefect match for each other, and ofter spending time with their friends and family – it’s easy to see where they get it from!

I’ve decided to share a little from all of the adventures we’ve had with Priya and Mahesh. A few weeks out from their wedding day, we caught up for a photo tour of some of their favourite spots in Auckland – the place where Mahesh proposed, their family shop in Freeman’s Bay, their favourite view… it was so awesome to be able to include all this into their adventure shoot! The plan was to finish up our adventure with a trip up north, but the weather had other ideas. After being completely soaked by an unexpected rain shower, we spent some time trawling the rain radar and realised that a change of plan was in order. Instead of Te Arai, we decided to head out to Muriwai beach where the weather was going to be calmer. 

The next change of scenery you’ll see, is their wedding day!
Their wedding ceremony was held at the incredible Hare Krishna Temple in Coatesville. From the outside you get a hint of how stunning the temple is, but it isn’t until you come through the main temple doors that you really get to take it all in. It is breathtaking. 

They set up a marquee on-site for their afternoon reception and everything was catered by the team at the Temple. I think we needed some advanced warning for just how good the food was going to be and just how much of it would be offered to everyone!

The final day we spent with Priya and Mahesh was at Te Ngutu Villa as they gathered all their friends and family for one more celebration. I was sadly unable to join the for this day, so the photos you’ll see were taken by the talented Coralee 🙂

It has been such a pleasure getting to know Priya and Mahesh. We hope you enjoy their wedding photos. 

Vendor Shoutout
Wedding Venue: Hare Krishna Centre (ISKCON) – Coatesville
Lunch Venue: Tu Ngtu Villa
Wedding Marquee & Mandap Styling: 0800 Mandap