Emma & Rochelle

Glasshouse Morningside

Glasshouse Morningside | Auckland Wedding Photographer

In a somewhat awesome twist of fate – we (the Perspectives team) were actually present when Emma and Rochelle met! We were the wedding photographers (predictably) and they were guests at a friend’s wedding, but none of us had any inkling at the time that a few years later we would be together again for a completely different wedding!

When we first chatted to Emma and Rochelle about what their wedding day was going to be like, they spoke of how they were going to be having a low-key relaxed wedding. Everything was going to be super chilled. Fast forward to a few weeks out from their wedding and Emma says to me “Amber, I think we’re having a Kardashian level wedding”.
Even though they were mostly joking, you could not have faulted a single thing.

We’re not usually the type to tell go on about the details, but we have to make note that Glasshouse in Morningside was looking particularly fine with the autumn tones creeping in to the trees – perfectly matching the rust and deep green colours they had chosen for their bridal party. Even their furry bridal party members got the memo and matched their coats.

Emma and Rochelle are the type of people who put everyone else around them first. They’re two of the most caring people you could ever hope to meet, and it was incredible to see all this love thrown back to them on their wedding day. Neither Emma or Rochelle had any idea what the other’s dress would look like and by the looks on their faces as Emma walked to aisle to Rochelle – they were both completely blown away.

We took a small breather after their ceremony and popped out to a nearby park – also completely in theme with the tones of their wedding! While we were away, the Glasshouse team did an incredible job of turning the room into the perfect dining and party space. Note to the viewer – check out how absolutely stoked Emma and Rochelle were as they saw the transformation for the first time!

I don’t think my words can do justice to what a privilege it was to capture Emma and Rochelle’s wedding day.
Hopefully these through these photos, you can get the sense of just what an incredible wedding day it was to be a part of.

Vendor Shoutout:
Wedding Venue: Glasshouse Morningside
Auckland Wedding Photographer: Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Florals: Print and Petal
Neon Backdrop: The Event Refinery
Wedding Cake: The Caker
Rochelle’s Dress: Anna Schimmel
Emma’s Dress: Hera Couture
Bridesmaid’s dresses: Leave her wilder
Rochelle’s hair: Natalie Dent
Rochelle’s makeup: Kimberly Hill
Emma’s Hair: Jasmine Taylor
Emma’s Makeup: Blair Gamblin

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