Gisborne Wedding Video – Tyron + Christel – Planting Trees

Gisborne Wedding Video | Tyron + Christel | Planting Trees
{Videoed by Jared and James}

Tyron and Christel both live in Hamilton … so it makes sense to wonder what drove them all the way to Gisborne to get married… and take all their guests with them too!  But it was clearly a no brainer that the wedding would be in Gisborne.  As their wedding video captures, Christel would come here as a child and plant trees with her poppa on the farm.  And with her poppa not able to make it to Hamilton, they took the wedding to him instead!  So this story was always going to be a part of their wedding video, as it what brought them to Gisborne in the first place!

Gisborne Wedding Car

Although we were well briefed on Gisborne being a significant place for Christel and Tyron, sometimes story appears out of nowhere too, and you run with what’s in front of you.  As it was the case when a 1970Ford Torino parked up next to the girls place in the morning.  It turns out Christel’s dad Stuart had purchased the car from a man in Christchurch and driven it all the way up to Gisborne just for the wedding!  Although I suspect there were personal motives for the purchase of said car too!!! 😉

So this film is the story of Tyron and Christel in Gisborne, getting hitched while driving around in a 1970 Ford Torino to plant trees!!  😂  I hope you all enjoy it.

Gisborne Wedding Video – Tyron + Christel – Planting Trees

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PS: Tyron and Christel’s wedding ceremony was a cracker and ran super smooth.  If you’re interested, here’s 6 Tips to Create A Rich Atmosphere At Your Wedding Ceremony!