Get a FREE Wedding Video on us! (April-May 2019)

Here’s the deal.   We’ve got a couple of bold, creative ideas up our sleeves and really want to push wedding videography to a brand new level.  BUT, we kinda need a little practice first to make sure we can pull it off!!


*****************  UPDATE  *****************

We’ve since pulled said bold creative ideas from up our sleeves and made a wedding film out of them!!  😲😝😍  We’re now offering The Same-Day-Edit Experience as an official package!  So for $3290 (as of April 2019) you can have us capture your wedding and watch it at your reception that very night!!!  Here’s the film we made, and the Bride, Groom and guest reactions in the video below!

Richard + Keryn  –  The Same Day Edit Experience.


And to get a feel for what the feeling was in the room as they watched it.  Here’s their reactions video to the Same Day Edit as it was played!




So are you game?!  We’ll video your wedding day for FREE in exchange for a no-expectations 3-4min Highlights Film of your wedding day!  How’s that for a deal!  We’re keen beavers though, and want to try this idea out soon.  So if you’re getting married in April or May 2019 then get in touch asap and we’ll do this!

free wedding video

Here’s the small print:
[1] We’re booked on the 21st of April but all other dates are still free!

[2]  We’re only giving away one of these, so you’ve got to sell us your wedding!  Tell us why your wedding is so rad, and we’ll pick a winner from there. 🙂

… also, we’ll need some details too.  So make sure you include this info in your email.

  • Where the Groom is getting ready in the morning.
  • Where the Bride is getting ready in the morning.
  • Where the Ceremony is and what time it begins.
  • Where the Reception is and what time it begins.
  • What time the Speeches are predicted to end.

[3] Your wedding needs to be in the Auckland or the Waikato region (so we can drive there and back to Auckland in a day).  Or, if you’re willing to pay for travel/accommodation, we’ll go further!!

>>>  So send us an email ( with the subject line “Video my wedding for FREE” and you might just collect yourself a super cool wedding video on us!

See you on the other side!!

Jared. 😆

PS: If you know someone who’s getting married, share this link with them.  They’ll love you for it!

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