David + Rowena

Tissues For The Bride?
Romantic - Real - Excitement

Rowena had set firm rules in place for the first time they met. This was strictly just a coffee catch up. No food, no extensions. No nothing. But within 5 minutes of meeting David, said ‘rules’ quickly disappeared and they were discussing dinner plans together. Swiping right wasn’t supposed to be this easy.

From that day of first meeting each other, it was only 18 months later and David and Rowena were tying the knot on a lovely autumn day in April. And to make the day just that little bit more special, they had prepared a little bun in the oven which came along for the ride as well!

It really was an amazing wedding to witness too. There were so many beautiful words spoken (and heroes who had to save themselves 😉) that it really captured the heart of how much marriage means to David and Rowena and the love they have for each other. And one day, when the bun is well cooked and grows up a little, will be able to watch mum and dad get married over and over again!

So, if you’re lucky, here’s where swiping right can lead you in just 18 months. And yes, make sure tissues are handy for this one!


Vendor Shoutout:

Wedding Location – Kumeu Valley Estate
Wedding Celebrant – Yvette Reid
Wedding Vehicle – Kombined Experience
Wedding Florist – Rowena Shirtliff Sanderson (aka the bride)
Small Box of Tissues – Kleenex

Thanks for watching David and Ro’s wedding film!
Till next time, Jared and Jack

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