darryn + joni – un-dying, death defying love – auckland cbd wedding

Every time we pick up our cameras and film someone’s wedding day we stop and think, who is it that’s getting married?   A wedding day generally follows a pretty standard routine.  But what makes it all so special and exciting is the unique people that live through that wedding day.  Details, decorations and cakes are cool, but it’s who’s getting married that pushes our buttons!

Which brings me to Darryn and Joni.  A couple that take the traditional and expected, then surprise you with a little dry wit and humour to keep it all interesting!  And what was fun to see was how infectious this was throughout both families.  From Joni laughing at Darryn’s attempt to Save The Planet, to Darryn choking tying his son Williams tie, to Joni’s Dad happily waving goodbye at the alter.

For us, these are the moments and little stories we love to capture on peoples wedding day.  It not just a reminder of what happened, but also the excitement and personality through who got married too!

So here is Darryn and Joni’s unique little film titled after Darryn’s witty vows.

un-dying, death defying love.


We also photographed their wedding!!  Click the photo below to check out all the stills goodness!
Auckland CBD Wedding
Thanks so much for taking the time to watch their film.  Feel free to leave a comment below.  And if you’re still thirsty, maybe check out a few more unique wedding films here!

Cheers,  Jared and Pete.