Dale + Christine – And Let The Adventure Begin

St Lukes Church – Kumeu Valley Estate – Premium Storytelling Films
{Videoed by Jared and Jay}


Having your cake and eating it too, isn’t normally that easy.  But for Dale and Christine, they figured out just the right balance to their wedding day.  The right about of anticipation and suprise, but not without spending the majority of the day apart.  So they booked a big airbnb and just portioned off sides of the house so guys and girls could get ready spearately.  They exchanged gifts and cards before finally seeing each other at the bottom of the stairs!

From their, they spent the day together.  Sharing vows and promises and the much anticipated first dance at the end of the night!  So here’s the little film we made for them.  I hope you all like it!

Dale + Christine – And Let The Adventure Begin.

We photographed their wedding too!  So click here, or the photo below to check out the other side of their story.  The photos!!

autumn wedding photos


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