Breaking Wedding Tradition – Dennis + Sook – My Default BFF

Breaking Wedding Tradition | Markovina Wedding Video | A Little Malaysia Flair
{Videoed by Jared and Jola}

Just before Christmas, we filmed Dennis and Sook’s wedding.  In some ways, it was (structure-wise) an ordinary wedding with perhaps a little added Malaysia flair (ok, quite a lot!) to spice things up.  But that aside, there was one moment during the morning preps that really make me STOP … AND THINK.  For just a moment, I saw outside the wedding culture that we all by default adhere to and I thought, “why on earth do we still do it like this?”

This sequence of images below maps the exact moment the ‘ah-ha’ realisation occurred for me. Why is it that the default wedding culture instructs boys to get ready separate from the girls?

bridesmaids and groomsman getting ready together

Of course, it’s nice to build expectation up to the ceremony by keeping a little mystery between the bride and groom (which Dennis and Sook easily managed to do – see said film below!).  But the whole morning was a buzz of excitement as everyone got to hang out together and have a grand old time.

Seeing this dynamic of everyone together stuck with me throughout the day, not just as a great idea to combine forces throughout the morning, but at a deeper level.  Of how we without noticing, adhere to this ‘rule book’ of wedding etiquette and tradition that doesn’t even exist.  What if we stuck our head out of the wedding-culture-bubble we get absorbed into, and tried something new?

So during the reception, we threw out a well kept ‘wedding-culture-bubble’ of our own.    We’d captured the dancing and instead of packing up and going home as we usually do, we decided to stay, right till the very end when all the guests had left to see what story we could find… so daring huh! haha 😉  But it turns out, we managed to capture Dennis and Sook at their very cutest in a language all of their own making!

So I suppose the take-home is this:  Wedding culture will always evolve,  But it does so by people like Dennis and Sook, who pushed against the default wedding norms and dared to be just a little different.  And in my opinion at least, what they found brought a little more love and togetherness to their wedding day than they otherwise would have experienced.  And that’s what it’s all about right!!


Breaking Wedding Tradition – Dennis and Sook – My Default BFF

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