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Bramston Beach Wedding

Filmed and Edited by Jared

We were properly warned before arriving at Bramston Beach for Isaac and Amy’s wedding.  [1] There is nothing here.  No stores 🍍🍉🌶, no petrol stations, no nothing.  So bring everything!  And warning number [2]. Crocodiles.  🐊🌊🏊‍♂️

It really was a true Garden of Eden though.  Bar the ‘forbidden fruit’ of the lovely ocean inviting us in for a swim, it really was something else. Bramston Beach was the perfect place for a wedding.  For 3 days, friends and family all were drawn into this surreal distraction-free bubble of rich jungle and beachfront bliss. A place where dreams truly were captured!  haha #punny.

bramston beach wedding location
But being absolutely in the middle of nowhere, meant everything to Isaac and Amy. They wanted nothing more than a down to earth, home-cooked celebration with beachfront bonfires trumping the traditional first dance. And they got exactly that. It really was a magical experience where all 30 something of us got to connect, be real and celebrate the wedding with Isaac and Amy.  No filter, no show, just an honest, genuine moment shared through us all.

Their Branston Beach Wedding was one I’ll remember as well. Having been Isaac’s workmate for the last 8 years videoing and photographing many many weddings together, it was pretty special to be there and witness his wedding!! So here’s their Bramston Beach wedding video. A raw and honest wedding, done 100% their way!! What a way to capture dreams huh!


Thanks for watching Isaac and Amy’s wedding video!!

Till next time, Jared… and in case you’re wondering where this beautiful place is.. it’s available to rent out!! Check it out here:  Bramston Beach House

PS: After I showed Amy and Isaac this film, Amy said something interesting to me via FB chat.  “before the wedding i just thought that having photo and video will be really cool … [but] it’s not until i saw our film that i came to this understanding! So funny huh!  And in a way, almost even more than photo because of the emotion you feel when you watch it back and can hear everything.”

It’s often the case with video. The realisation of its value doesn’t truly hit until after your wedding day. So if you’re planning your wedding and you stumbled upon this page… don’t wait till a week out from your wedding day before you think of this. Click this link, and have a read now!!  What Your Photographer Can’t Capture… And Brides Almost Always Regret.  It’s food for thought anyway. 😂

bramston beach wedding