Dave + Melissa


Bracu Wedding Photos

Photographed by Amber + Katherine

Dave and Melissa met on set while filming a movie Рhow glamorous does that sound?!
The minor details that make this story even better is that it was being directed by one of Dave’s friends, and he was in desperate need of extras – so Melissa stepped up and offered to play the role of “girl waiting for a taxi and about to be murdered by a serial killer”. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that ūüėČ
Fast forward nine years, and not only have they travelled the world together, but they have made the huge step of moving to the other side of the world together. There’s something special about coming home for a wedding – it makes the day not only a celebration of two people, but a reunion of friends and family who haven’t seen each other in sometimes years!
Melissa and Dave both got ready at their family homes – it’s always so lovely to be able to incorporate the family photos and memories that adorn your parents house.
After a few photos on site at Bracu, we ventured off to a neighbouring field of golden epicness – I swear they look like they stepped into a screensaver!
Thanks again for inviting us to join you on your special day. Many more photos coming soon!

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Vendor Shoutout:
Wedding Venue: Bracu Pavillion
Celebrant: Laura Giddey
Bride’s Dress: Astra Bridal
Auckland Wedding Photographer: Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Florist: Wildflower Florist
Hair and Makeup: Beauty on Demand

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