Chandana + Sai

A Bethell's Beach Elopement

Bethells Beach Video – Elopement Film

About a year ago, I received an email which read a little differently from most.  “We’re having a 5-day Indian wedding … but, there’s one thing we want to do a little different.” Sai and Chandana knew full well what a 5-day celebration involved so they decided to break the rules a little. Just before the week-long celebrations began, they headed out to Bethell’s Beach … alone.  Just the two of them to soak up the epic west coast scenery. And just before the sunset, they shared personal vows and exchange rings with each other. Of course, we showed up to capture it, but it was totally driven by Sai and Chandana’s desire to make something personal and intimate out of their wedding celebrations.

So here’s the film we made for them. It’s something a little different from the usual stories we tell, but the heart and honesty were there in droves.  I hope you all like it!!

Thanks so much for watching Sai and Chandana’s informal little elopement film!!

Till next time!

PS: Breaking the rules at a wedding can sometimes be a good thing. Here’s one more wedding video where a bride and groom did just that if you’re a little nosey!

Bethells Beach Video