Awhitu Wedding Venue – John + Sonia – A Walk in Jurassic Park

Awhitu Wedding Venue – Connemara Country Lodge – Premium Storytelling Films
{Videoed by Jared and Jola}

These always a few perks about getting married at home. Especially when home happens to be a magnificent country lodge in Awhitu! For one, John was able to flex those all-important guns in the garage as a way to start the day! But in actual fact, there’s a little more to pumping weights than just a morning workout.

During the family photos, the photographers were working through all the different combinations of people John and Sonia had made friends with. The call went out for all John and Sonia’s gym buddies to get together for a photo. Pretty much 2/3rd of the entire wedding guest list all huddled together! So working out is very much a part of their lives. In actual fact, it’s how the two of them met!!

John and Sonia also wanted to personalise their wedding by acknowledging the faith they both share. So just before the ceremony began, then met on the front porch to share a few prayers together before the formalities really kicked off!!

So here’s their story we captured for them. And hang around till the end if you can. It kind of gets a little cute! 😂

Awhitu Wedding Venue – John + Sonia – A Walk In Jurassic Park

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Awhitu Wedding Venue – Connemara Country Lodge
Wedding Videographers – Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Wedding Photographers – Black Robin Photography

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