Auckland Macedonian Wedding – Dimce + Ivana – The Macedonian Effect

My oh my do the Macedonian’s know how to celebrate a wedding! When we first met with Dimce and Ivana they told us how they were going to have their first dance at the ceremony! We were like ok, that’s different. But that was just the start of it!

Enter the reception and a second 1st dance was on the cards. Then just as dinner was served pretty much the entire room good up and danced around the tables making it a little tricky for staff to served dinner!  And the official dancing hadn’t even began yet!

We definitely had a blast capturing the celebrations. So here’s just a little bit of what these crazy cool Macedonian’s got up to on their wedding day!


Auckland Macedonian Wedding  |  Dimce + Ivana  |  The Macedonian Effect


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