auckland lifestyle engagement shoot

Auckland lifestyle engagement session | couple portrait shoot
{photographed by Isaac}

A few weeks ago – I had the opportunity to test drive the new Fuji XT-2 – which we’re seriously considering adopting as our new primary wedding photography camera – after 10 years shooting Canon, it was a fun change.

Big thanks to Photogear in Auckland for the new toys – these guys are always our go-to for new camera equipment!

Anyway – when I was chatting with Rose & Jared about doing an engagement shoot – I learned some cool things.
They love playing Playstation. They do art together – including painting cool designs on skateboard decks. They have a black cat.

So rather than a generic “here’s a couple having a picnic in a field” photoshoot – we decided to make it more …. them.
Everything was shot within a 1 minute walk of their house. We shot a bunch of the shoot in their bedroom. (how epic is the wallpaper!!) … basically, just really wanting to reflect who THEY really are, rather than just pretty photos for pretty photos sake.

And I reckon it’s epic.
lifestyle portrait shoot Auckland
lifestyle portrait shoot Auckland
lifestyle portrait shoot Auckland
lifestyle portrait shoot Auckland

If you’re keen to do a shoot like this – hit us up!

PS – the Fuji XT-2 – amazing camera. I really loved pretty much every aspect of shooting with it. The electronic viewfinder takes a little getting used to – but seeing your exposure in camera is pretty amazing – definitely the way of the future.

Canon – up your game! haha.

~ Isaac.