Michael + Melissa

The Barn,

Mike and Melissa aren’t your typical bride and groom. And they definitely weren’t going to take the traditional route when it comes to organising a wedding day.

In fact, if it wasn’t quite them it got the cut, quite literally! Hence Melissa’s wedding dress was short, as Mike is quite found of said legs! And Mike made sure he got his grand entrance to the ceremony too, not just Melissa! Such is the nature of Mike and Melissa. They’re a unique couple who figured this was their wedding, and it sure was going to reflect who they were as a couple.
Mike and Melissa left us with no shortage of inspiration. In the weeks leading up to their wedding, we literally received pages upon pages of notes on who they were as people and the dynamic between the two of them. This gave us all the ammo we needed to focus on what was important to them as people, and not just capture generic, traditional wedding imagery.

The Film

We knew about Mikes go everywhere in bare feet, his famous stickmen drawings and tiny little surfer van “The Toaster”. As Melissa said in her speech “how totally random, unpredictable, inappropriate and spontaneous you are”, which pretty much summed up Mike’s morning!

And then there was Melissa, a driven perfectionist who knows how to get things done. And I think that showed with the insane amount of effort and organisation that went into such an epic barn wedding venue out in the middle of nowhere!
So here’s Mike and Melissa’s Film above and Photos below. 100% inspired by who they are as people and the uniqueness they brought to their wedding.

The Photos