Asian Wedding Video – Alex + Keira – Double Happiness

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{Videoed by Jared and Jay}

Not everyone plays by the rules when it comes to Chinese Wedding Traditions. Alex and his groomsman managed to bypass the gauntlet of games the bridesmaids had planned and staged a blockade so Alex could cheat his way to see Keira. And Keira’s dad also acknowledged that having a daughter is actually a pretty good thing!

There was one moment that did bring Alex to his knees. The list of promises he had to read out and then sign his life too! But it’s all in good humour. Alex and Keira’s day was definitely filled with happiness. Even Keira’s dad will agree to that!! Here’s their film that captures a little of their wedding day story. I hope you all like it! 🙂

Alex + Keira – Double Happiness

We also photographed their wedding day, so click the link here, or the photo below to see it all in still images!

asian wedding video

Thanks so much for watching Alex and Keira’s wedding video. We’ve videoed many Asian Weddings in Auckland. Check out Dug and Cheryl’s Asian Wedding here for more ideas on traditional Asian antics!!

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