Amit + Meghna

We Are Strong
Heart - Indian - Party

The Glasshouse – Auckland

There are some celebrations we witness where the wedding happens to the couple. Culture, tradition and circumstance dictate a couples experience and how the wedding is celebrated. For others, it’s the couple that happen upon the wedding day

For Amit and Meghna, it was definitely the latter. Their passion, heart and love for life shone so brightly this wasn’t a wedding day they were simply a part of. This was a celebration of who they were, where they’ve come from and the excitement of where they’re going. And that was what their wedding day was shaped around.

Even with the borders closed, circumstances didn’t stop them. They overcame obstacles and brought Amit’s family close through a 50” TV and webcam that was present throughout the whole event.

And so it is with this film. This isn’t really a ‘wedding film’ with a pretty couple filmed in slow motion, but instead, it’s a raw capture of who Amit and Meghna are as people. It’s a capture of their strength, their massive heart and their love for life as they made a promise to unite from here on out.

It definitely was a huge privilege to be apart of their day and tell their story. I hope you enjoy the film. 


Thanks for checking out their wedding film. And make sure to stick around, we photographed their wedding too, so there’s more goodness to come!

Till then, Jared

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