Heather – studio manager

Heather is our amazing studio manager – she’s most likely the first point of contact you’ll have with Perspectives. She keeps us all on track, kicks our asses when we need it, and is pretty much a total super human. In fact, we have no idea how we ever survived without her! Heather knows everything there is to know about weddings, venues, and will be able to help you at any point of the planning process.

5 things you didn’t know about me :

  1. I make decisions all the time for work but can’t decide what to have for dinner (nothing like spending too long standing at the meat section in the supermarket, waiting for inspiration)
  2. I love the amazing beauty of NZ. Give me the outdoors where I can enjoy the ocean meeting the sand, watch the awesome sky formations (especially in the South Island) and soak up the tranquil quietness you find when no one else is around.
  3. Love flying in helicopters. I was lucky as a kid to experience this a lot and now have a brother who flies one too.
  4. Exercise gives me the mental boost I need and provides the opportunity to relax. Golf is also a great way for me to switch off.
  5. Enjoy watching test cricket and even though I’m a Kiwi, I tend to support Australian cricket (fiancé and family not happy about this one)