bombay wedding venue – gabriel + wen – exchanging papers

Bombay Wedding Venue – Gabriel + Wen – Exchanging Papers
Videography by Jared and Jay

It’s not supposed to work like this. Tradition states you write your own vows and promise them to your partner at the wedding ceremony… but Gabriel and Wen wanted none of that. Instead, they figured they’d write promises for their partner to read back to them! So there was an awkward murmur from their guests when papers were exchanged, and Gab and Wen got their first look at the promises they’d be making to each other!

But this was Gabriel and Wen’s wedding, not somebody else’s. So they decided to do things there way. And I think when it comes to weddings, that’s what it’s all about. It’s about taking an idea of how things should go, and then putting your own unique personality into it.

So this is Gabriel and Wen’s little wedding film we made for them, just to remind them of the promises they made to each other, even if it makes Wen a little richer, and Gab a little poorer!! 😉

gabriel + wen | exchanging papers

We also photographed their wedding day! So to see all the photos, click the photo below, or link here!

Bombay Wedding Venue

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Jared and Jay

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